Isracard Group  :: Calcalist Conference

Isracard Group :: Calcalist Conference

Virtual Reality (VR) Experience and CEO live presentation

Virtual Reality (VR) Experience and CEO live presentation

The Isracard Group was established in 1975. It combines four companies that operate in credit payment as a special, extra retailing banking activity offering a variety of products and services to customers. The Isracard Group engages in a wide range of credit payment under a single management framework.


Our mission: full strategic planning, implementation, and execution of Isracard’s show at the Calcalist E-Commerce Conference.


Our solution: An end-to-end visitor experience that consists of two main features:


Virtual Reality (VR) experience – a breath taking voyage via 360-degree HQ video & spectacular 3D animation segments. The VR experience takes visitors into the world of E-Commerce by Isracard, exploring the company’s futuristic tools and innovative approach.











CEO live presentation – a special live interactive display presented to the conference general assembly. This exceptional presentation utilizes HQ 3D segments & real time animation technologies, incorporating financial, business and professional information, shown in a dynamic, interactive manner.